Final Thoughts . . . .


As 2017 comes to a close, I feel very fortunate to be working on my next CD due to be released January 2018. I'd have to say it's the most important project of my life so far as it brings full circle to completion a circuitous journey: my very first recording featuring my dear friend pianist, composer, and educator Geri Allen, who passed away June of this year. Unfortunately, until now it remained unreleased, but I have sat on the master tapes for 35 years! I knew that at some point in time, It would be the right time to release this really special body of work. It was quite a process restoring the original 1983 analog masters to today's digital standards.  Thanks to Bob Wayne of Sunburst Archiving and Restoration and Len Horowitz of HRS (Historical Recording Studios) both in Culver City, CA, we' have succeeded in restoring these soon to be historic recordings. At the time this session was recorded, it managed to create quite a stir in the jazz community of NYC due to the absolute FIRE! of 5 young and hungry jazz artists burning up the place, the uniquely original compositions by each member and the playing of a future jazz innovator Ms. Geri Allen who would not record her first album until the following year. We each get to be heard in our formative years. At first, I wasn't all that keen on listening to myself from 35 years ago, but when I popped the test CD in, I was absolutely floored by the passion, drive, and energy of everyone's playing. Everyone on that session went on to build great jazz careers and are still active and successful now. One of the most pleasant surprises was Geri's composition that she contributed to the session. Without going into all the technical details, it was the most problematic of all the tracks to restore and took more time. It is a duo performance by Geri and myself. When I finally popped that one in to listen, I was transfixed because there was a voice beautifully singing the melody along with my alto and I suddenly remembered that the voice was Geri. I had forgotten that she contributed not only her piano playing but a vocal performance that is so ethereal in its beauty . . . I haven't been this excited about a recording in a long time and cannot wait for you to hear this awesome CD that took 35 years to get here. It will be available in January of 2018! Here is a look at the first draft of the cover, featuring a 26-year-old saxophonist with the 1983 Manhattan skyline and World Trade Center in the background, having the time of his life! Stay tuned for this and for 2018,  let's all keep pushing forward to love living our lives!   
Praise Be and Rejoice!
---Dale Fielder Altadena,CA