The Dale Fielder/Geri Allen Session

Dale Fielder – alto sax

Geri Allen – piano & vocal

Michael Logan – bass

Gregory Bufford – drums

Robert "Bop" White – congas & percussion

Recorded February 23, 1983


Produced by Dale Fielder and Paul F. Cohen

Graphic Design by Craig Johnson

Photography by Glenn Saffo & Robert White

Liner Notes by Scott Yanow

Mastering by Bob Wayne of Sunburst Archiving and Restoration

“The Rain” Resoration by Len Horowitz of HRS - Historical Recording Studios



Released January 20, 2018, in performance @ Hotel Normandie/LA

with DFQ~Dale Fielder Quartet


On our first pressing tracks number 5 and 6 were inadvertently reversed.  We will correct this when we do the second pressing later this year.  However, both tracks are still there in all their glory and sound GREAT!  Until then, "In My Youth" is track 5 and "The Rain" is track 6.